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Jesse Jane Feature Dance Pole

Put on a show that your partner will fantasize about for the rest of their life!

Put on a private show for your partner or, if you are a frisky thing like Jesse Jane, add a little sex appeal to your parties with the Feature Dancer Pole. Take your cue from the Queen of Porn and prepare a sexy striptease. Your partner will have no idea what they have gotten themselves into once you start slinking and writhing around the pole to your favorite seductive songs. Tempt them towards peak arousal, until they are begging for a lap dance… and so much more! This hot pink steel pole is easy to install, with an adjustable height to fit many room sizes.

Bright pink and flirtatious, this pole is also a great addition to the home of those who like to host a sexy gathering from time to time, whether they are parties that get wild in the witching hour, or frisky forays with adventurous friends.

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Want to make your partner desperate in their desire for you? Take a leaf out of Queen of Porn Jesse Jane’s book and give them a seductive striptease with an iconic stripper pole. Create a sultry playlist and get tarted up in a slutty outfit before guiding them, perhaps blindfolded, to a seat in front of the pole. They will have no idea what they’re getting themselves into until they see you slinking and slithering around the pole, winding and writhing with the music. It won’t be long before you have to remind them of the rules – they can look, but they can’t touch! But rules are made to be broken…

The Feature Dance Pole adjusts between 7 to 9 feet to accommodate a range of ceiling heights, and is easy to install. The non-skid plate will mount with or without screws, which are included and recommended if you plan to apply weight to the pole.

Jesse Jane Feature Dance Pole specifications:

Measurements: Circumference is 6.5 inches. Height range is 7 to 9 feet.
Material: Steel, ABS plastic
Color: Pink
Note: Includes non-skid ceiling plate and 6 screws. Pole can be installed with or without screws.

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