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Wet Platinum Premium Silicone Lubricant 4oz


• Silicone based personal lubricant and moisturizer
• Formulated with pure high grade silicone
• Skin healing and soothing properties
• Ideal skin moisturizer for sensitive skin and allergies
• Hypoallergenic
• Ultra smooth and slick to the touch
• Ideal use for vaginal dryness
• Perfect for use by both women and men
• Safe for all types of sex
• Odorless and flavorless
• Latex, condom, and sex toy friendly
• Never sticky or tacky
• Great in the shower or tub
• Approved as a medical device by the FDA
• Can be used as a massage liquid

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Thanks to a premium blend of four high-quality silicone ingredients, Wet Platinum is one of the slickest lubricants available. It’s accepted by the FDA as a medical device, and it’s hypoallergenic – perfect for people with sensitive skin.

In fact, Platinum leaves your skin feeling better than ever before. It locks in moisture and creates a thin, soft residue, imparting a velvety smoothness that lasts for a long time after you’re finished. A touch of Platinum can also add to your skin’s elasticity, making sex more comfortable and fun.

Best of all, it’s designed to keep its slick texture when exposed to friction, heat, and even water. If you want a lubricant that will last during water play, Wet Platinum is an awesome choice.

This lubricant is also compatible with latex condoms and most sex toys (don’t use it with silicone toys, however, as silicone can break down silicone). For a water-based alternative, try Wet Original.