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Doc Johnson's bestselling Anal Lube just got better! Our new airless pumping system ensures that you don't waste a drop! By pumping from the very bottom of the bottle, every drop gets used – promising that you get every bang for your buck! This thick petroleum-based lube is available in Natural and Hot Cinnamon. 4.5 oz. airless pump bottle.
•    Thick anal lubricant
•    Petrolatum (Oil) based
•    Formulated with an anti-bacterial numbing agent
•    Will not absorb into the body
•    Extremely slippery and long lasting
•    Makes for very easy anal penetration
•    Not safe for vaginal use
•    Not safe for use with latex condoms
•    Easy to use pump bottle

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This lubricant comes in a pot containing 175 ml and is available either in Natural or tingling Hot Cinnamon. The lubricant is amazingly easy to dispense courtesy of the pump dispenser on top of the pot.
In order to get the most from your anal experiences, you need a high-quality lube designed specifically for anal sex. Doc Johnson’s to the rescue.

This specialized lube gives you all of the long-lasting slickness you need to keep anal sex fun and comfortable. It contains an anti-bacterial agent that provides a mild numbing sensation, and the petroleum base won’t dry out or absorb into your skin.

Thanks to the airless pump system, you can easily get the perfect amount of lube without making a mess. It stays perfectly in place, allowing for fun, safe anal experimentation, and while it has a thick consistency, it effectively transmits body heat for a natural feel.

This is a petroleum-based lubricant, so while it’s safe to use with polyurethane condoms, you should not use Doc Johnson’s Anal Lube with latex or silicone. It’s designed for anal sex and should not be used for vaginal intercourse.