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Doc Johnson Anal Lube Cinnamon


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Doc Johnson’s bestselling Anal Lube just got better! Our new airless pumping system ensures that you don’t waste a drop! By pumping from the very bottom of the bottle, every drop gets used – promising that you get every bang for your buck! This thick lube is available in Natural and Hot Cinnamon. 4.75 oz. airless pump bottle.
•    Thick anal lubricant
•    Petrolatum (Oil) based
•    Naturally flavored with Cinnamon
•    Formulated with an anti-bacterial numbing agent
•    Will not absorb into the body
•    Extremely slippery and long lasting
•    Makes for very easy anal penetration
•    Not safe for vaginal use
•    Not safe for use with latex condoms
•    Easy to use pump bottle

TOLL FREE 800-666-3532 or 818.985.2255

TOLL FREE 800-666-3532 or 818.985.2255

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Add some flavor to your sexual adventures. Doc Johnson’s Cinnamon Anal Lube adds a whole new dimension to anal sex, and it’s an incredibly slick way to explore your wild side.

A spicy touch of cinnamon will create a warming sensation as soon as it contacts sensitive tissues. It’s an exhilarating feeling, but it’s not unpleasant or distracting.

The Doc Johnson Anal Lube formula is formulated for anal sex, and it contains a special antibacterial ingredient that creates a slight numbing sensation on contact. It won’t leave you completely desensitized, but it’s enough to make penetration easier and more comfortable for both partners.

This lube’s safe to eat, so if you’re a fan of cinnamon, take a taste. It’s a naturally alluring flavor and a great way to add something extra to your experience.

Because this is an oil-based lubricant, it should not be used with latex condoms or silicone toys. It’s designed for anal sex, and is not safe to use for vaginal sex. With that being said, it’s perfect for its purpose–it’s a thick, spicy lubricant that can make anal sex much more pleasurable and comfortable.