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Double Lockdown Locking Customizable Chastity Cage Black

Lock Your Pathetic Little Cock Away

Key Features:

  • Secure Locking System: Lock your flaccid cock away with this secure locking system. Includes two keys to lock the dual locking system that locks at the bottom and top of the device for maximum imprisonment.
  • Graduated Rings: Kit includes 4 graduated rings so you can add a little space for your cock, but not enough to wriggle free!
  • Two Different Caps: The kit includes a solid cap and a cum-thru tip so you can choose whether to have a cap that allows for long-term wear that allows you to urinate or one without that option for short-term wear.
  • Breathable, Lightweight: The breathable, lightweight material makes this easy to wear for long term chastity, contributes to better hygiene and makes cleaning and showering with it easy.

Put your cock in lockdown with this dual locking, customizable chastity cage! The lightweight, breathable material is perfect for long-term wear, travel and contributes to better hygiene. This cage has four graduated rings that allow you to customize for length. Switch between either of the caps for different scenes and agreements; choose the solid cap for short-term scenes or the cap with the cum-thru tip that allows you to urinate and is better for long-term wear. Enjoy dual imprisonment that will keep you locked up like Alcatraz! This cage locks both at the top near the base of the cage and bottom, right below the tip of your cock. Kit includes two keys.

Now that you’ve got a cage that fits your worthless cock, it’s time to bring it to your Keyholder for Them to lock you up until they deem you worthy of freedom! As they place the rings around your cock, don’t let yourself slip up and get hard. Keep yourself flaccid, disciplined and relaxed as they maneuver your worm into its plastic cage. Once it’s on, you hear the click of one and then two different locks. They stand up and you see the shining key catch the light as it hangs around their neck. Their lips curl up into a wicked smile. What will they have you do this time to earn your release?

Double Lockdown Locking Customizable Chastity Cage:


  • Cage is approx. 3.5 inches long x 1.6 inches wide x 1.4 inches high
  • Ring inner diameters: 1.7 inches, 1.9 inches, 2 inches, 2.25 inches

    Materials: ABS plastic, metal

    Color: Available in Black or Clear

    Note: Kit includes locks and keys.


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