We carry Full-size lifelike sex dolls.

Here is a look at the type and variety of dolls we carry. There is a premium sex doll that is made of silicone. And we also carry a TPE sex doll.

*Actual dolls and clothing may vary.

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Silicone Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls (TPE)

Product Features

Safe medical material

Our sex dolls are made from safe and environmentally friendly materials. Our TPE sex dolls are all made of medical TPE material. Less oil seepage, no peculiar smell, soft and elastic skin texture, highly imitating human skin, harmless to human body. Cheaper than Silicone but not as durable as Silicone and easy to stain. More care is required for proper cleaning and maintenance. Our silicone dolls are moderately firm. Delicate and realistic heads come to life. The doll’s skin is also refined, including wrinkled skin around the joints, blood vessels, and skin texture, reproducing a realistic, smooth real-life feel. The breasts, buttocks and vagina are specially treated for a soft and comfortable feel. It has been treated to reduce weight and make it more convenient to use. Although more expensive than TPE, I think she is worth it.

Vagina, anus and oral

Our sex dolls have vagina, anus and mouth . Please note: Normal silicone head cannot be used for oral sex. In order to meet the needs and experience of customers, every part of the doll is highly restored to reproduce the internal structure of human organs. She perfectly matches the size of the customers’s genitals, giving the feeling of having sex with a real person.

Solid Breasts vs Gel Breasts vs Hollow Breasts

* Solid Breasts: A breasts filled with the same material as the body. The kneading comfort is slightly less flexible, but more durable. * Hollow Breasts: Make part of the breasts hollow. Touching such breasts feels softer and more comfortable. However, since part of the breast is empty, the durability is relatively low. * Gel Breasts: Gel is injected into the breasts. Gel breasts are softer than solid breasts. It feels softer and more durable than a hollow chest. Please note: Small breast dolls can only choose solid breasts.

Vaginal type

The vagina is divided into fixed vagina and detachable vagina
Fixed vagina
Penis insertion feels more realistic and is quite durable.
Detachable vagina
It can be easily pulled out and cleaned after use and the detachable vagina is also easy to replace.

Full body movable EVO skeleton

A highly mimicked artificial skeleton is built into the love doll’s body. Shoulder joints, elbow joints, wrists, knee joints, ankles and other parts can be moved with a high degree of freedom. Can do a variety of human-like poses and movements. This provides customers with an immersive sex experience and even more fun

Movable shoulder joint

Normal sex dolls do not have movable shoulder skeletons.

Our sex dolls feature movable shoulder joints that allow them to move up and down freely. In this way, the arm can complete the multi-angle movement more naturally. These features make it easier to put on and take off the doll’s clothes. Also, the shoulders are attached to the collarbone, so when you shrug your shoulders, you can clearly see the sexy collarbone line. This is not possible with normal skeletons.

Heating VS No heating

Sex dolls with heating function can make you feel the body temperature like a real person. Make your sex experience more enjoyable. The heating function of the sex doll is achieved through the heating wire built into the body. To be on the safe side, every manufacturer has inefficient heating equipment. Therefore, it is usually after heating for 50-60 minutes or more that the love doll can reach a temperature close to that of a human being.

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