Allure (pink) - Bliss. 8 Vibrating Frequencies
Allure Vibrator
Allure – Bliss

8 Vibrating Frequencies of satisfying

Brand: Hott Products
Never before has a toy been released with such attention devoted to satisfying the Clitoris! BLISS “ALLURE” features the most incredible suction sensations that you will ever experience! You will swear it is your partner that is satisfying you orally! Adjust the speed from Mild To Wild as you roll your eyes back in complete ecstasy!

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Pocket Exotics Dual Heated Whisper Bullets
Pocket Exotics Dual Heated Whisper Bullets
Pocket Exotics® Dual Heated Whisper Bullets

Hush…and quietly lean back to enjoy our Pocket Exotics Dual Heated Whisper Bullets. Warm, sleek, sexy and quiet, listen to the whispers of pure pleasure with these two intensely powerful micro-stimulators. You just may melt deliciously as the double heated stimulators warms as it vibrates to an incredible 104̊F/40̊C. Whether you’re going softly quiet solo or with a partner, these bullets are quietly compelling. They’re also as safe as they are super satiating, with a controller crafted of pure PP and bullets made of ABS with silver plating. These double heated stimulators will get you what you need to get everything you want. Shh…we won’t tell. Get ready for the ultimate bedroom adventure. The night will never be the same – and you won’t want it to be.

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