Matchmaker Scents Pheromones

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What is different about the Millionaire Matchmaker’s perfumes and colognes?
The Millionaire Matchmaker’s perfumes and colognes, curated by Patti Stanger, are specifically designed with pheromones to enhance attraction and confidence. These fragrances are crafted to appeal to both men and women, offering sophisticated blends that aim to create a memorable impression.

What scents can you get in the Matchmaker Pheromone collection?
Black Diamond: A bold blend featuring cedar, blackcurrant, lemon, oak, white amber, and musk, known for its sophisticated and captivating allure. Red Diamond: Combines jasmine, grapefruit, amber, and citrus notes to create a vibrant and alluring fragrance that leaves a lasting impression. These fragrances are formulated with pheromones to enhance attraction and confidence

Are the Matchmaker Pheromone perfumes & colognes used on the show?
Yes, the Matchmaker Pheromone perfumes and colognes curated by Patti Stanger have been featured and used on the show “CW The Matchmaker.”

What celebrities use the Millionaire Matchmaker’s Pheromone products?
As a former Bravo reality star, many of Patti Stanger’s network mates have loved and supported the products, including Real Housewives, Jeff Lewis, Joey Zauzig, Cheryl Burke, cast members from Love Island, Shahs of Sunset, 90 day fiance and more!